About: James Martin

James Martin is a Boston-based web developer who specializes in .NET web-based software. He is currently learning about search engine optimization and how it can be used to increase a company’s traffic.

He is also a SEO consultant. Contact wagedomain@gmail.com for more details.


3 thoughts on “About: James Martin

  1. James- you’ve got some great info. I’m surprised there aren’t a lot more comments to the posts. Maybe there are and you just don’t let them through. Anyway, I’m new to SEO and just subscribed to your feed. I hope to see more good stuff from you.


  2. I do let them through, even if they are negative!

    Thanks for the interest as well. Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions or ideas for posts. I have been somewhat haphazard about new posts but feedback like this always spurs me to write more. Thanks!

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